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Fiba Elektrik has achieved its competitive power in its sector with its accurate information transfer, honesty understanding and customer-oriented working strategy.
It has an innovative company understanding that has adopted the principle of service as fast and quality product supply and continues on its way with this consciousness and carries its position further day by day, showing great seriousness that the company employees are experienced employees.

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All sheet metal kiosks are manufactured using galvanized sheet metal. Insulation can be made using sandwich panels according to customer request. SCKs are preferred especially in substations with RMUs as they provide great advantage in terms of size and weight.Daha fazla bilgi edinin. »

Modular Cell

Separation and cutting operations are carried out in SF6 gas environment and the busbars are air insulated. This ensures a safe separation and cutting process and minimizes the dimensions.Daha fazla bilgi edinin. »


Epoxy resin cast under vacuum prevents moisture from entering the HV-AG windings and provides protection against harsh and harsh environments. Therefore, it can easily operate in humid and concentrated areas.Daha fazla bilgi edinin. »

LV-MV Equipment

Panels are the distribution and control centers of energy to electrical installations. With the development of technology, the types of materials used in panels have increased and their functions have improved, but their basic work has always remained the same.Daha fazla bilgi edinin. »


To be the recognized, first choice, most widespread and pioneering platform in the production, launch and sales of all products and services applicable to the energy sector. With more than 20 years of experience, specialized, knowledgeable staff, pioneering designs, product and service quality, to be one of the known and preferred brands in its field.

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